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Helping Business Thrive with a Converting Website

Why Your Business Needs a High-Converting Website

Your website is another revenue generator for your business.

It’s the piece in a puzzle to make it complete.

A cornerstone of how your business operates online.

Here are some facts on how important this is for your business online.

Increased Revenue: A conversion rate of 5% or higher can lead to higher website revenue.

Easy to navigate user experience: 76% of users say that the ease of finding what they want is the most important factor in a website’s design.

Stronger Online Presence: Improves a business’s online presence by increasing website traffic and potential leads.Also improves search engine rankings.

Increased ROI: Conversion rate optimization is a high priority for 68% of businesses because it can lead to a higher ROI compared to other marketing efforts. Investing in website optimization can result in a higher return on investment than advertising, for example.

Our Services

website design agency

Website Design Agency, Development

If you need a new website or an upgrade from your current website.

CloudXp has the expertise to create a website that converts visitors into paying customers.

We go from idea to live website and you just watch your revenue go to the moon.

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance for your website,.

We do updates, security scans, backups, 24-hour monitoring and so much more to make sure your website runs smoothly.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With search engines being the road to your business online.

We help your site rank on the search engines to bring in more customers.

The ROI is quite large compared to other website traffic techniques. The only difference is time.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

What actions are your visitors taking that have a high conversion percentage to your desired goal?

By performing a/b testing on your website.

We can find patterns of where, what, and how your potential customers navigate and take action.

Website Optimization

A slow website can cause your potential customers to leave your website without even checking out your website.

They will just move on to the next business and contact them instead.

How much potential revenue is lost each day, week, month?

We can speed up your website and optimize it to perform its best so your customer stays on YOUR website and becomes YOUR customer.

google my business consultations

Google my Business Consultations

Having your business on Google my Business can:

Improve your Google Search rankings

Customers can book appointments and contact you right from Google.

We can help you setup and walk you through having your business on Google.

Our Recent Work


St. Mary’s Law required a new website.

At the time their website was from 2012 and was in need of an upgrade.

There also were partners who left the firm and new ones came to the firm over the years.

We presented them with a new modern layout with a focus on having their website visitors book a call with them for a consultation about their law issue.

About Us

CloudXp is a bespoke Website Design Agency specializing in creating high-converting websites that your potential clients and Search Engines love.

At CloudXp we believe every business should have a high-quality modern design to showcase their business online. 

Focusing on the desired action your potential customers need to take to become paying customers.

We love helping businesses improve their presence online to bring in more revenue for them.